Spend your money where it counts!!

Many of Hawaii's most successful businesses have used KNDI's Live Remote Broadcast to reach the Filipino Market. 

With the help of our energetic program hosts Flor Martinez, Venus Viloria, Bryan Munoz,  Larry Ordonez, Ernie Bautista, Edna Butay & others, a KNDI live broadcast captures the attention of the Filipino Community.  Included in our generous Remote Sales Package, KNDI provides experienced and talented program hosts and a skilled engineer to make sure that your broadcast is heard flawlessly.  The audience is entertained and informed about your business as our station is heard throughout the Hawaiian Islands via KNDI 1270 AM and worldwide on the internet at  Any size business can benefit from an exciting live broadcast.  We simply need access to  a single dedicated phone line at your location.

Your live broadcast will attract large numbers of visitors to your location.  Those who are listening by radio pay attention to your message and the excitement around your business at that time of your event. If you want the attention of the Filipino Community, there is no better way than a Live Broadcast from KNDI Radio 1270AM.

Key Benefits 
  • LIVE ACTION - Draws attention immediately to the sight of the event.
  • STATION PROMOTION - KNDI Radio will announce the event several times before the event date.  Listeners can get a good preview of what's to come.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - The benefits of having a live remote at your location last longer than the event itself.  It can help establish your relationship with our listeners. For the money, it's well worth it.
  • PROFESSIONAL TOUCH - KNDI knows its market, and we will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your desired marketing goals.

Since most of our programming is done in a language other than English, it only makes sense to advertise in those languages.  For a small fee, KNDI Radio can translate your script into any of the following languages to broadcast on our station:  Filipino (Ilocano or Tagalog), Hispanic, Samoan, Tongan, Vietnamese, Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin), Okinawan, Laotian, Marshallese, Chuukese or Pohnpeian.

Key Benefits 
  • SPECIFIC TARGETING - Helps listeners identify with advertisers.  Listeners feel more comfortable when spoken to in native language.
  • RESULTS - Get almost instant feedback from our listening audience.
  • TRUST - KNDI listeners know that when you advertise to them directly, in their language, you don't take them for granted.


KNDI 1270 AM is known as "Voices Around the World" so put your money where it counts, and reach Hawaii's many Ethnic Communities. 
KNDI advertising rates are affordable, but can be catered to fit any budget.  We especially cater to small businesses with limited marketing budgets.

Key Benefits 
  • NO MINIMUM - KNDI does not set a minimum limit. So you can advertise with us for a very competitive rate per day, weekly, monthly, etc. (please call and ask for details).  Many Hawaii stations require large weekly buy ins, we don't!
  • FLEXIBILITY - Because we don't limit our ability to purchase air time by setting minimum prices, you can build a schedule that fits your specific requirements.