We consider KNDI Radio a very special radio station as it's not like any place on the radio dial!  Although we specialize in Filipino programming, KNDI 1270 AM brings you the very best in both Ethnic and Religious programs.

From the Marshall Islands to Hong Kong, from Laos to Manila - KNDI brings programming from Ethnicities all over the world.  Samoan, Tongan, and even Spanish cultures are not overlooked at KNDI.  Our latest additions to our stellar line-up include Micronesian programs (Marshallese, Chuukese and Pohnpeian).
KNDI also serves up an interesting mix of "specialty programming" including our immigration programs, ask the doctors, bankruptcy and health products.
 (retired on 8/1/13 and sold station to Geronimo Broadcasting, Inc.)

It's been through the steadfast determination of retired Leona Jona, that we've been able to reach such a large and diverse ethnic mix.  An immigrant herself, Leona dedicated the last 35 years to improving the lives of "non-English" speaking Hawaii residents and newcomers.  Her ability to identify and understand the special needs of immigrants and citizens alike make her the single greatest factor in reaching the ethnic communities of Hawaii.  On August 1, 2013, Leona sold the Radio Station to Geronimo Broadcasting, Inc. who shares the concerns for Ethnic Radio and vows to continue to serve all communities in Hawaii.

If you have any suggestions, you can leave comments with us...or you can call us directly at (808) 946-2844.

Our Commitment to the community and ethnic diversity sets us apart from any other station in Hawaii, and perhaps the entire country.  Many local, national and even international businesses have all used KNDI's unique mix of cultural voices to share their messages.