KNDI RADIO 1270 AM is currently owned and operated by
Gerry & Nellie Malabed, Jr.

The Broadcast House of the Pacific, Inc. dba KNDI Radio was sold in August 2013.  Geronimo Broadcasting, Inc. dba KNDI Radio 1270 AM will continue to serve the Ethnic Communities as Ms. Leona Jona enjoys her very deserved retirement.
"Retired but not forgotten"
KNDI Radio 1270 AM is a locally owned radio station broadcasting in 13 different dialects and English throughout the islands of Hawaii.  When KNDI Radio 1270 AM first hit the airwaves on July 11, 1960 with owner James Ownby, it was an all female radio station.  Unfortunately, that format wasn't accepted back in the '60's -- so we slowly changed to Ethnic & Religious programming.  Today we are known for "The Voices Around the World" as we broadcast in 14 different dialects and English throughout the State of Hawaii.  Below are just a few pictures from the past 50 years!

KNDI Radio 1270 AM "Summer Karaoke Blast 2011" 
5 Semi-Finalists & Ultimate Winner Katrina Lopez
Lerma Babaan - Loulen's Restuarant (07/2011)
 Dante Buan - L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Nimitz (08/2011)
Victoria Hope Jose - Chan's Gourmet Restaurant (09/2011)
 Katrina Lopez - Don Quijote Waipahu (10/2011)
Janel Akana - Dave & Busters (10/2011)
Long time popular Host has a stroke...Founder of the "Linabag Ti Napalabas" and the    "Fun-O-Rama" show Byrne Munoz had a stroke on April 21, 2009.  While recovering, son Bryan Munoz along with Chester & Ronnel Tangonan have taking over the duties as hosts of the Fun-O-Rama Program. If you're lucky, you can hear Byrne on the radio when he calls in from time to time or live from the studio.
KNDI was saddened by the loss of "Harvey Weinstein" host of the Saturday Evening Blues show and Operations Manager at KNDI Radio 1270 AM for 18 years. Harvey past away on February 28, 2009.

46th Anniversary Party  - 2006 Staff

Great Lady, Great Friend!  These are the many comments we hear about Shelby Henderson who passed away in November 2002

Here are some pictures from the 25th Anniversary Party in 1985...If you look really closely, you will recognize several hosts that are still with KNDI Radio 1270 AM today

Maggie Domingo & James Ownby
Byrne Munoz

James Ownby, Ernie Bautista & Leona Jona
Flor Martinez..............Leona Jona
James Ownby, Leona Jona & Larry Ordonez

 Tommy Tomimbang & Leona Jona 

Leona Jona brought the KNDI Radio station from Waikiki to the current location on S.King St. in Honolulu. Leona is standing in front of the KNDI building.
Leona standing between Margarita Suyat & Bonnie Pascua from 1978.

1963 Booklet Cover and 1961 Cover featuring "Candy Girls"
From the early 60's - Famed actor/singer Bing Crosby with then Owner & Founder of KNDI Radio James Ownby

KNDI once located at the International Market Place on the famed Waikiki Beach stirs up much excitement.

Article in early 60's edition of Grapevine Magazine featuring KNDI Radio personality, a member of the Hawaiian Royal Family

 KNDI Radio ("Candy Radio") announces the first all female run radio station in America in Honolulu Advertiser in 1960.